UIDEA S23 Applications Open

Applications are now open for the Spring 2023 batch of UIDEA, the accelerator intended to fuel innovation in advancement that benefits the University of Illinois. In addition to the growth and disruptive ideas UIDEA has always encouraged, the program is expanding this year in two ways:

  1. We want to see you act on any idea you have, not just those that haven't been done in the industry yet. If you have a best practice you think should be implemented here, let's do it. If you have a pain point in a current business process that you think should be improved, let's reimagine it. Teams with any ideas have access to the same coaching, advising, and resources available to all UIDEA teams. Applications are due February 10.
  2. We know that innovation happens in advancement across all three universities, far outside of UIDEA. We want to recognize the intrapreneurs and doers who are continually improving how we do what we do. These innovators and ideas will be showcased at Demo Day in May. Nominations are due April 28.

Apply now to investigate, design, or pilot your idea. Submit nominations (yes, you can nominate yourself!) for innovations that should be recognized at Demo Day.

Not sure what UIDEA is or want more information? Enroll in the 15-minute overview course, What's the (big) UIDEA? on Teachable or visit http://innovate.uif.uillinois.edu/UIDEA. Have an idea you want to discuss, schedule a chat.


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