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Ignite Diversity
Diversifying the advancement talent management pipeline at UIC through outreach, education, and marketing programs to increase awareness about advancement as a career path.

As one of the nation’s most diverse institutions, UIC is uniquely poised to increase diversity in its advancement operation, already beating industry diversity metrics by 15% but far below an adequate representation of the students and alumni the university serves. Where industry diversity recommendations focus on interviewing and hiring, onboarding and training, professional development, and culture, Ignite Diversity focuses its efforts on the false assumption that the talent pipeline itself is diverse and designed strategies that go far beyond internship programs and industry recruiting.

Ignite Diversity Status

Pilot Active, currently piloting at UIC

Ignite Diversity Team

Nate Downing

  • F19

Jill Molesky

  • F19

Gina Ragland

  • F19

Loni Williams

  • F19

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